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You Buy, We Ship

You Buy, We Ship

Order your products from Korean online shops to our Free Korean warehouse address, and we will ship them to you.

We Buy and Ship

We Buy and Ship

Use our all-inclusive service from personal shopping to consolidating to worldwide shipping.

品 番DMSM7649
出 演田畑智子/益子梨恵/出合正幸/石川紗彩/永倉大輔/街田しおん/剛州/辰巳佳太/蟹江一平
監 督金丸雄一
【怖い 恐怖 呪い 心霊 サスペンス】
You Sell, We Dropship

You Sell, We Dropship

Order your products from Korean suppliers and we will ship worldwide to your customers with customized invoicing, packaging, and labeling.

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See why our company is one of the leading international shipping provider in South Korea!



At Delivered Korea, we inherit more than 12 years of global logistics experience from our parent company. We've taken that expertise from B2B to B2C so you can enjoy all the goodies Korea has to offer.



If ever you need help with your order, our customer service team will respond quickly and transparently. Feel reassured knowing you can always get in contact with a customer support team.

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Good Deals

Thanks to our experience and industry connections, we find you the best deals and lowest prices, consolidate your packages, and ship with discounted rates - all saving you money.

Advanced Technology

Advanced Technology

Your goods are in safe hands. We use the latest technology in cross-border e-commerce logistics to make your shipping faster, easier, and more secure - wherever you are in the world.

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邦画 ・田畑智子・益子梨恵・出合正幸・石川紗彩・永倉大輔・街田しおん・剛州・辰巳佳太・蟹江一平 【中古】DVD▼哀憑歌 CHI-MANAKO▽レンタル落ち ホラー

Get exclusive rates with our shipping partners: FedEx, EMS, Korea Post, DHL, and more.

Shop all kinds of Korean products from any online retailer in Korea.

Use our free Korean address for your shipping at checkout.

Use free shipping calculator to get estimates on your shipment.

Consolidate multiple packages and save up to 80% on shipping.

Superior packing with various options for your products.

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Here are some useful information you need to know about our shipping services!

countries we ship to worldwide


Countries we ship to worldwide

maximum savings for international shipments


Maximum savings for international shipments

average savings for international shipments


Average savings for international shipments

on time shipments and order accuracy


On-time shipments and order accuracy

邦画 ・田畑智子・益子梨恵・出合正幸・石川紗彩・永倉大輔・街田しおん・剛州・辰巳佳太・蟹江一平 【中古】DVD▼哀憑歌 CHI-MANAKO▽レンタル落ち ホラー

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